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Ice and Sunshine

One of the facets of the decision to self-publish my books, is the need to createbook covers that are appealing and suit the contents of each book.  I am fortunate to have a very helpful photographer/designer (Jason from www.atomswarm.com) who takes my pictures, then edits the images and adds text and details to make each […]

The Rhythms of my Year

I am very fortunate that my location and lifestyle make it easy to notice and appreciate the changing seasons.  At this time of year, for example, there is the steady increase in levels of light as I leave and return home;  the unfurling leaves on the goat willow tree outside my bathroom window;  the crocuses […]

Educating Women

In the austere days towards the end of the second world war, my grand-parents were considered either enlightened or very foolish when they allowed my mother to take up the place she was offered  at secondary school.  At the time, most pupils stayed in general schools until the compulsory leaving age of fourteen, only the […]

Carrying a Torch for Healthy Food

Here in England, in the twenty-first century, we have an unparalleled choice of diet.  Fruit and vegetables from around the world are enticingly displayed in the supermarket;  instant meals make it easy for us to escape the chore of cooking;  and fast food establishments are open from first thing in the morning until late at […]

Taking On a New Job

I am lucky to live in a beautiful corner of Sussex, surrounded by peaceful countryside with plenty of fields and woodland, so I rarely go for a walk along the road. Even if I choose to walk to work, two and a half miles away in the next village, I can do almost the whole […]

A Place Without a Name

I’d like to start by thanking all those of you who have read Brightly Shines the Darkness, and for your kind comments.  A couple of people have asked me the same question, and in case others are wondering the same thing, I thought I would answer it here on the blog.

Brightly Shines the Darkness

The first book in the Skywatchers series is now available for Kindle;  see http://www.amazon.co.uk/Brightly-Shines-Darkness-Skywatchers-ebook/dp/B00AI1AMI6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1354695773&sr=8-1

The Second Instalment

  Thank you to all who sent me feedback, both on the draft cover for my book and on the prologue.  Here is the final version of the cover, and, for those of you who asked to read more of the book, here is a link to the beginning of chapter one.

Extract from “Brightly Shines the Darkness”

Several people have asked me where they can read an extract from my forthcoming book, so here is the prologue:- Brightly Shines the Darkness Prologue – Ninth Cycle, Day the Third, after dark At Passenda’s suggestion, the most severely injured priests had been brought to one of the side-chambers of the roundhouse where they had […]