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Extract from “Brightly Shines the Darkness”

Several people have asked me where they can read an extract from my forthcoming book, so here is the prologue:-

Brightly Shines the Darkness

Prologue – Ninth Cycle, Day the Third, after dark

At Passenda’s suggestion, the most severely injured priests had been brought to one of the side-chambers of the roundhouse where they had been incarcerated, and she was doing what she could to ease their pain. This was little enough; the warriors had taken away her medicine-bag, and there was not even any fresh water to clean their wounds and cool them. She could do little more than cover them with the cloaks and ceremonial skins of her companions to keep them warm, and use her healing touch to soothe their suffering. Two others who were also healers had seen her efforts and come to assist her, but she knew that several of the wounded would die before morning.
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